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The issue of accommodation is one that tourists are most worried about before they travel to New York , because it is a rather expensive city and, if you do not prepare it with time, you may only find high-cost options.

Near the Empire State Building and Central Park there are some much quieter streets and with hotels at more affordable prices. There you can find options such as the President Hotel, which has dozens of rooms. It is very important that you keep in mind that prices vary and you could expect to pay up to 120 dollars, this also depending on the time of the year in which you travel.

If you want to live the full experience, you can opt for a rental apartment for Times Square, although its price will be high.

hostel will always be a very good option if you are accompanied by friends, they are welcoming and most importantly, very economically accessible. Costs do not exceed USD 20.

To save and live like a real New Yorker, the ideal is to stay in a hotel outside the island of Manhattan (for example, in Jersey City). But this means investing much more in transport and extending the distances of each path.