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We all want to travel to New York , and it is one of the world-famous cities. Its skyscrapers and its fame on television makes us want to know everything about it.


New York is one of the most connected cities in the world, there are hundreds of airlines that fly every day to the big block. That means that the easiest and most convenient way to reach this destination is by plane. In New York there are three airports with national and international arrivals. The main one is the JFK (Jhon F. Kennedy), where most of the flights land. If you want to know more information about the Airport in New York visit the following link.


If you are traveling from other cities, this is a very good option. There are two stations located in the center of the big block, one is the Penn Station and the other is the Grand Central Terminal . These stations and their trains are connected to 46 different destinations , from Washington, Boston and to Canada .


This option is highly recommended if you are already in one of the states of America. The distance is very long for most of them, however there are many roads that take you to the city of skyscrapers. And it’s even easier to get from Canada. Can you believe it? The main terminal in New York is the  NY Port Authority Bus Terminal   and the stops that are made most often by being famous are Wall Street, Chinatown and Time Square .


It is not the most ideal to transport you by boat, however due to its geographical location many cargo and transatlantic ships arrive in this city from many parts of the world. Trips are not usually cheap and can take a long time, but it can be a good experience. For example, there is the line of ships that connects Europe with New York , a well-known example is the transatlantic Queen Mary .